We are a Swedish couple who fell in love with France, and we have lived in Beauvais sur Matha for seven years now.

We enjoy the French lifestyle and the slow paste of life in our region. The long spring and summer followed by a colourful autumn are a bliss. And although the winter can share some rain with us, it’s short, and there is always a lot of activities in the region during the winter as well in the summer.

When my husband and I started to look for houses in this fantastic region of France (the second sunniest) we found this beautiful village house, and we named it “The Flower house” in our mind. And I still think it says it all. It’s so pretty with all the flowers, the different seating areas, and with the courtyard garden it’s sort of a hidden gem in the middle of this truly genuine French village. We love our life in France and we have gained such a social life hear as well. And we are so grateful that we did have the guts to leave Sweden for a different lovely way of life!